James in Action

Read James' personal letter to 45th ward neighbors (pdf) 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

James has been walking the walk, fighting for a better community for all of us.

When the incumbent alderman abused the authority of his office in an attempt to intimidate and silence James' advocacy for the community, James did not back down. He took the alderman to court to answer for his actions and to try to prevent future abuses.

When an armed gunman attempted to hold up his business, James, a conceal carry permit holder, fought back and disarmed the robber.

Keeping Our Children Safe

Last September, when the incumbent alderman saw that Disney II and St. Viator were using sawhorses without his name painted on them,  used to protect children during school pick-up/drop-off, he took the sawhorses away from the schools. The incumbent then re-painted them with his name to give away to other schools.

In response, James and his daughter personally hand-built a dozen new sawhorses to donate to the two schools and several other area schools to replace those taken away and to ensure the safety of our community's children.

Photo Credit: Block Club Chicago

After the local alderman praised his volunteers for discarding all of a local homeless man's possessions in the dead of winter, James offered the man a warm and safe place to stay and elevated the conversation by working to drive resources to the Jefferson Park Working Group on Homelessness to provide immediate help and explore longer-term solutions.

Photo Credit: Margaret Shandling

When a $130M development projected to create 650 union labor jobs, 200 future retail and other jobs, and millions in property tax revenue was delayed by a local official for a year, James organized nearly 200 neighbors for a family-friendly rally (complete with pizzas!) at Six Corners to call for the advancement of the project.

Fun Run Fundraiser for Chicago Public School

James organized the 1st Annual Fun Run fundraiser for his daughter's elementary school, raising over $57,000. The money will go to the public school to fund new technology, arts, and recreational programs.

After getting 1,400 petition signatures in less than three weeks, James Suh launched his bid for alderman of the 45th ward.

"Suh is focusing his campaign on increasing economic and community development in the ward, addressing crime and public safety with more support for police officers and offering a change in leadership with transparency and fairness toward constituents."